Mezzie + frank crackle effects medium is a decorative medium developed to enhance paintwork with a vintage crackle appearance.  It is low odour and low vocs

Crackle Medium 1L

  • Crackle Effects Medium

    • Mezzie + Frank crackle effect medium is an environmentally friendly product designed to apply over our mezzie + frank chalk and paint products. Crackle effects medium will create a vintage aged appearance to your paintwork on furniture and other projects. Many different looks can be achieved by experimenting with contrasting or tonal colours.



    • Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad, flat stirrer using an upward action. Avoid shaking container as it will create air bubbles.


    Step 1 Base Chalk Effects Coat

    • Apply one or two coats of mezzie + frank chalk effect in selected colour
    • Allow paint to fully dry before proceeding to step 2
    • Drying time will vary according to weather conditions and the surface being painted. If in doubt leave it longer.


    Step 2 Crackle Effects Coat

    • Apply crackle effect with a brush or roller. End result will depend on technique
    • For a heavy crackle effect apply thickly with a brush using criss cross or basket weave strokes.
    • For a fine crackle effect apply with a brush or roller using straight strokes and a thinner coat. Ensure the product is applied evenly to a uniform gloss leaving no uneven patches.
    • If the surface is patchy, apply a second coat of crackle effect after 3 hours drying time.
    • After 2 – 4 hours, when product is touch-dry, proceed to step 3


    Step 3 Top Chalk Effects Coat

    • Apply top coat of chalk effects in selected colour
    • For best results application should be carried out without brushing back or reworking any wet paint.
    • Crackle effect will start to appear as it dries


    Step 4 Seal with Wax or Clear Acrylic Sealer

    • When surface is fully dry seal painted area with M+F Wax or clear coat sealer.


    Clean up with water